Next Right Choice


About me

I believe over time, we become our choices. If we don't like what we are becoming we can choose differently, right this second, no matter where we are, no matter what challenges we face.

Not choosing to make a change is a choice, one that reinforces helplessness and hopelessness. Choosing purposefully to take even the tiniest of baby  steps toward a goal, a dream, or to walk toward the light of who you are meant to be brings empowerment and hope. Instantly.

I have struggled for years with issues around obesity, depression, ADHD, autoimmune disease, loving myself, grief, child sexual molestation, physical and verbal abuse, financial mismanagement, single parenting, and food addiction.

I have learned a lot on this journey and know that applying what I learn is the tricky part!  Won't you join me as I "think and live out loud." It's my way of staying accountable and living authentically.